The Boss Backhoe Snow Plow packages are a heavy duty 12 foot plow which has exclusive self-adjusting box wings which automatically adjust to the contour of the pavement and eliminate scoop angle adjustments. Along with the self-adjusting box wings, the Boss Backhoe Snow Plow are set apart from the rest with it’s segmented trip-edge design which allows for each cutting edge segment to trip individually as needed. Put your loader to use all year round with the Boss and ensure you get the job done the first time around with that Boss power!

PLEASE NOTE: Boss will not allow ANY of their dealers to ship ANY complete Boss snow plows or spreader units. That includes Trick My Truck. We are located in Minnesota. If you’d like to drive to us and purchase any of the Boss spreaders shown below, simply call us up and we can arrange that. If you need a snow plow shipped to you, check out our lineup of Western, SnowDogg, SnowEx, and Ebling plows.

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