A Snow Pusher That Folds
This winter snow and ice professionals across the country will receive tickets for driving their oversized loader and snow pusher down the road. Getting a ticket is never fun and in addition to making a safer operating experience, is why Pro-Tech created a folding snow pusher. The Foldout Sno Pusher folds to 8’ 6” for easy transport. As the number of distracted drivers continues to rise, this snow pusher also lessens the risk of accidents. In addition to it’s on-road benefits, the Foldout Sno Pusher allows you to maneuver through difficult properties that have gates, bollards, narrow passages, and other obstacles. As with all rubber edge snow pushers from Pro-Tech, the Foldout features our high-quality rubber cutting edge, which can help you to clear any surface. The Foldout Sno Pusher comes in sizes ranging from 14’ to 18’ for your loader and backhoe.
One Unit For Multiple Lots
Driving a snow pusher from site to site can have its benefits. If you are clearing snow from multiple properties in an area, the Foldout Sno Pusher allows you to easily drive from site to site and eliminates the need to have machines and snow pushers on other properties.

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