SaltDogg Tailgate Spreader Parts for all of the SaltDogg Tailgate spreaders past and present are available at low prices and fast shipping from Trick My Truck. We carry any part you may ever need to get that SaltDogg spreader up and running the way it was day one. Check out all of the SaltDogg Tailgate spreader parts below including parts for the SaltDogg TGS07, TGS06, TGS03, TGSUV spreaders and more. Find replacement parts such as replacement SaltDogg controllers, covers, hoppers, spinner assembly, motors and more. Even if you only need a few replacement nuts, bolts, or washers, we have you covered with OEM SaltDogg parts from top to bottom. It can be difficult to find all of the parts you’re looking for with regards to SaltDogg spreaders, but when you shop with Trick My Truck we not only have all the parts but we also have made it easy to pin point that specific part number you’ve been looking for by breaking down all the parts by specific SaltDogg tailgate salt spreader model.

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