SnowDogg HD Plows are contractor grade snow plows for those that enjoy a straight blade snow plow for their snow removal business. The durable and high performance SnowDogg HD Plows come in a variety of different sizes depending on your overall need, and all come in the SnowDogg stainless steel construction it’s known for. The prices of the SnowDogg stainless steel HD snow plows are lower than any other large brand on the market today, guaranteed. Don’t let the cheap price scare you off though. The SnowDogg HD snow plows are built to last and come with a warranty to back it up. The SnowDogg HD II Snow Plow gives contractors a commercial-grade snow plow that has been weight-optimized to work with smaller trucks. A new Floating A-Frame, increased ground clearance, and a fast mounting experience are a few highlights of the HD II.

The new updates found on the SnowDogg HD II:

Floating A-Frame – Contours road for close scraping. Designed for evenly balanced cutting edge wear. Outstanding performance at every mounting height.
Quick Mount II+ – Integrated swing down feet (no need for a jack). “Jack Switch” uses plow’s hydraulics to fine-tune lift frame height for smooth mounting alignment with your plow truck.
Heavy Duty Shock Kit – Cushions trip action. Protects components.
Municipal Style Chain Lift – Single chain design that’s super easy to adjust for high stacking capacity.
Fully Enclosed Hydraulic Power Unit – Protected from the elements and easily accessible for maintenance. Robust hoses, cartridge valves, and valve manifold for optimal performance.
New and Improved Ergonomic In-Cab Controller – Backlit single button control for scoop, V, and angle functions for V plows.

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