Western Pro Plus Snow Plow Packages are for the professionals. Buy a brand new Western Pro Plus snow plow package and get everything you need to hook it up and install to your specific truck in order to take the next step with your snow removal business. Clear parking lots, residentials and more with the Western Pro Plus plow.

With a winter workhorse like the WESTERN PRO PLUS snow plow on your truck, there’s no holding back. Designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, including skid-steers, this plow is built for the toughest commercial operations. Give it all you’ve got, because going halfway has never been your style.

Make the most of the Class 4 to 6 trucks in your fleet with a plow that’s uniquely qualified to handle the workload. The WESTERN PRO PLUS HD snow plow lets you make short work of large parking lots and local streets. Forget business cards—distinguish yourself with the clean pavement you leave behind you when using our heaviest-duty plow.

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