Western Skid Steer Plows including a Western Pro Plus version and a Western Prodigy snow plow version will allow you to put your Bobcat or Skid Steer to use year round to help with parking lots, parking spaces, and hard to reach places. Easy to connect and disconnect as well as the Western power you’ve come to love all wrapped in a reasonable price. Get your Skid Steer Snow Plow today. The Western Skid Steer Plows lineup makes busting out lots quicker and easier than ever before. Choose the easy-to-use and ultra-efficient PRODIGY or the heavy-duty and always reliable PRO PLUS snow plows, so your crew can get the job done quicker and move onto the next lot faster.

WESTERN PRO PLUS and PRODIGY skid-steer snowplows now come with an additional option of an oscillating skid-steer attachment that provides six degrees of side-to-side oscillation. This new feature improves scraping and cutting edge wear while reducing damage to the terrain. With this new design, each WESTERN skid-steer plow would now allow the skid-steer loader bucket hydraulics to lift and lower the blade for improved operator performance.

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