Western Tornado LT Optimum Flow Kit Parts are an important part of your Western Tornado LT and includes replacement parts such as the vibrator itself, wiring, bolts, and vibrator mounting kit. We sell all of the replacement parts at low prices to help you and your Tornado LT to provide the “optimal” flow. Your salt or deicing material will continue to flow the way its supposed to and none of the salt will bulk up along the way. Hit the vibrate button and all of your material will vibrate to move freely through the LT chute on the Western Tornado LT spreader.

Specifically, you’ll find Western Part # 51106 Optimum Flow Kit, as well as all of the parts that make up that kit in case any component of the flow kit needs replacement. Find parts such as the Opti-Flow Baffle, Vibrator, Vibrator Backing Plate, On/Off Switch, Rubber Switch Boot, Spreader/Vehicle Harness, Battery Harness, Spade Connector, Butt Connector, Dielectric Grease, as well as the screws and lock nuts, all of which are 100% OEM from Western.

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